Are Mom and Pop TV Repair Shops Being Replaced?

Growing up I remember walking around my small town in California and seeing TV repair shops.  They had names like “Smith & Sons”.  Their marketing taglines included the number of years in they’d been in business.

Slowly these TV repair businesses started disappearing from my town as I’m sure they did across the nation as well.  Around the same time companies like Best Buy, Sears, Circuit City, and PC Richards started advertising TV parts and repair services.  The small mom & pop TV fix-it shops actually had better prices and better service initially.   But the local TV parts and repair shops just couldn’t compete with the national brands and marketing prowess of the big box retailers.  Over time it just became more convenient to pay higher prices to go to a store with noticeable name.

The cycle starts with consumers buying their television at these stores.  Many of the people who buy these televisions also buy service maintenance contracts to make sure that if their TV stops working that it can get worked on or replaced in a convenient quick manner.  No one can live without their TV for a few days in the current day and age.

The need for the smaller repair shops then gets phased out.  Facing this pressure many TV part stores just couldn’t survive.  While all neighborhood TV repair shops are no longer around many have found a way to provide a service to allow them to keep afloat.

As retailers increase their volume of in store repairs, the quality of service seems to have deteriorated.  Let’s hope the independent TV parts and repair shops can make a comeback and actually begin to thrive once again.  I know I don’t want to buy big screen TV parts from a big box retailer – I just plain refuse.  Join me.

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