Hitachi plasma TV parts

Hitachi plasma TV parts – learn about the features & sizes

When you are ready to replace that old TV, or are looking for the perfect gift, then check out a Hitachi plasma tv parts! Hitachi plasma televisions parts offer a ton of user friendly features that are unmatched by their competition! There are many models, sizes and price ranges, so you should have plenty of opportunities to find something just right! You have come to expect quality and superior performance at an affordable price from Hitachi and their line of plasma TVs are no different!

Plasma televisions from Hitachi are sleek and compact in design, yet offer amazing technology at the very same time! Their models of plasma televisions present a sharp, crisp lifelike image and incredible clarity.

There are many different models from Hitachi, including: CMP420V2, CMP420V1, CMP55HDM71, 42HDT51, 42HDF52, 42HDM12, CMP4212U, 42hds52 and the CMP4212. Their shell is a black- metallic finish and can blend in well with any style you may possess!

Hitachi plasma television models come in many sizes, including: 32”, 42”, 50”,51″, 52”, 55”, 57″, 65″. There are many great user friendly features found on each Hitachi made plasma tv, including: dual focus lens system, 3 panel light engine, virtual HD 1080PII color processing, day and night memory with timer, cable card compatibility, HDMI (high definition multimedia interface, anti-reflective diffusion screen, 3 way speaker system and universal remote control.

closer look at features

  • dual forcus lense system – Hitachi’s pateted Dual Focus Lens feature is designed to give your TV maximum contrast and crisp detail
  • high-definition multimedia interface – this feature combines video and audio into a single digital interface
  • anti-reflective diffusion screen – this features get rid of the glare that you get from your television parts, the end result is no glare from your screen.

Because there are so many different models of plasma Tv parts made by Hitachi, your choices are plentiful. The large selection also means that the prices can vary, too.

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