LCD HDTV parts Sony, Samsung

LCD HDTV parts Sony, Samsung

What exactly is LCD HDTV parts? Well first off, LCD stands for liquid crystal display and HDTV is an abbreviation for high definition television.

The definition for LCD parts is as follows, a display that consists of two polarizing transparent panels and a liquid crystal surface sandwiched in between. Voltage is applied to certain areas, causing the crystal to turn dark. A light source behind the panel transmits through transparent crystals and is mostly blocked by dark crystals

HDTV – a technology that uses resolutions from 720 right up to 1,080 lines of horizontal resolution, compare this to analog Tvs that offer, 525 lines of resolution.

When you combine both technologies you get a high definition and very thin flat panel display that can actually be hung on your wall. Something to note LCD is different that Plasma TV. Plasma televisions use use a gas-based technology.

tips on buying a high definition LCD TV

Bigger isn’t always better, it’s important to find a high def television that fits the size of the room. What’s the point of purchasing a 61″ flat screen if it doesn’t fit the dimensions of the room. My brother in law has a 52″ Hitachi LCD and the room is so small that it has to be placed on an angle to fit into the room, the placement looks ridiculous. Placing the HDTV is a little tricky as well, as a rule of thumb you should place the LCD panel 1.5 times the screen’s diagonal measurement away from a wide-screen HDTV. Confusing? Ok, I will explain, for instance if you buy a 42-inch high definition television, it should be placed roughly 63 inches (about five feet) from the seating area.

Sizes for liquid crystal displays range from as small as 10″, 13″, 15″, 17″, 20″, 22″, 23″, 26″, 27″, 30″, 32″, 37″, 40″, 42″, 44″, 60″.

reasons to consider an LCD widescreen system

  • compared to CRT televisions, Plasma TVs, as well as LCD technology offer a brighter screen
  • another reason is the viewing angles on flat panels Tvs can goes as wide as 170 degrees, enabling you to watch television from almost anywhere in the room, without image distortion
  • there are no scan lines that make the picture quality unclear
  • 16 millions of colors give the picture vivid colors

lcd rear projection brands to choose from

Some of the best digital LCD flat screen TV brands include, Sharp, Samsung, Philips, Sony, Panasonic, ViewSonic, JVC, RCA, Audiovox, Sanyo, Mitsubishi, Olevia, Tatung, Westinghouse, Magnavox, Philips and Nec to name a few of the most popular manufacturers out there.

where to buy?

Now you can go different directions when purchasing a LCD flat panel TV, either shopping malls or retail stores or you can shop online. Each has their pros and cons, for instance online retailers have cheaper, discount prices than brick and mortar retailers but not much in terms of service. If you shop at the local mall chances are if you tv has a problem you can easily bring it back and a get a new television the same day, online merchants can’t offer this. Basically it’s a give and take situation, it’s up to you to consider what is important to you.

And don’t forget to read online reviews and ratings, and do comparisons of features and prices.

best models

  1. Sharp lc 37g4u
  2. Sharp LC-32G4U
  3. Toshiba 32HL83P
  4. Sony KLV-23HR2
  5. Panasonic TC-32LH1
  6. Sharp LC-20B4U-S
  7. Toshiba 26HL83P
  8. Sharp LC-26GA4U
  9. JVC LT-26WX84
  10. Sony KLV-30XBR900

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