Panasonic plasma TV parts

Panasonic plasma TV parts – flat screen high definition viewing

When you are ready to own a great plasma television, look no further than the Panasonic plasma tv parts! Just like all other Panasonic made electronics, the plasma television is made with you, the consumer in mind. Panasonic plasma televisions offer a really clear, picture perfect on screen image at a great price.

Plasma TVs offer you a theatre like quality entertainment center right in your own home or office! Whether you need a great tv set for the bathroom, family room, conference room or home theatre, then Panasonic will have a great model perfect for all of your needs!

The Panasonic flat panel plasma television sets  are made in many great models, including: TH-65XVS30U, TH-50XVS30, TH-42XVS530, TH-50PX50U, TH-37PX50U, TH-42PD50U! They are made in some pretty popular sizes, including: 37 inches, 42 inches, 50 inches and 65 inches. If you can’t find a set perfect for your needs, then you probably should be looking for a mini TV!

The features found on a widescreen Panasonic plasma television set are plentiful, including: digital media receiver that makes it easy to get all of your favorite channels, adjustable color temperature, PIP, sleep timer, digital zoom and a great 8 watt speaker system so that you can feel like you are really in the tv!

a closer look at features

  • looking for the most vivid colors possible well, Panasonic’s plasma televisions use 3620 million colors to give you amazing true to life colors.
  • wide screen format – 16:9 aspect ratio perfect for watching movies
  • don’t worry about falling asleep in front of the TV, let the programmable sleep timer feature do it’s magic and shut off according to when you program it to.
  • most parents screen what their kids watch, with the parental control option it does all the work for you. The built in V-Chip, uses a TV rating system that will automatically block certain programming
  • adjustable color temperature – you can adjust the color balance, according to your personal preferences.
  • picture in picture features – can’t decide what TV show to watch, watch 2 at the same time with the PIP feature.

When you are ready to take a dip into the next generation of TVs, then the Panasonic model of plasma Tvs are going to blow your mind! You can view the entire line made by Panasonic at

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