Panasonic PT-52LCX65 52 inch LCD TV parts

Panasonic PT-52LCX65 52 inch LCD TV parts review

The Panasonic PT-52LCX65 is a 52″ lcd projection TV that is hd ready. Watch high definition programming instantly with the built in HDTV receiver. See all types of programs from Monday Night Football, concerts and of course block buster films right from your home theater system. The widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio is the same ratio as used by movie theaters across the world.

You can not use this LCD television for high definition viewing but you can also use it as a monitor for your computer if you wish. It is capable of displaying (VGA, SVGA, and XGA).

other features

  • 3D Y/C comb filter – this feature is designed to give your picture a sharper image
  • accessories include – TV, remote control, remote batteries, and a user’s manual
  • 1,280 x 720 pixel resolution
  • SD memory slot – insert the SD memory-card from your digital-camera and watch the images on your TV
  • to deliver a slide show of all recorded images PT-52LCX65 LCD television
  • you can play the following formats on this Panasonic HDTV, 1080i (HDTV), 720p (HDTV), 480p (EDTV) and 480i (SDTV)
  • adjustable color temperature – control the color balance with the adjustable color temperature feature
  • audio leveler – this feature will reduce the volume if the audio suddenly increases
  • two 15 watt speakers
  • picture-in-picture feature – watch 2 programs at the same time
  • anti-glare LCD screen
  • 1 year warranty

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what online reviews say

  • “I purchased this HDTV to fit into an existing cabinet, which it did quite well. It delivers a bright, colorful, sharp excellent picture and is feature loaded. It performed very well right out of the box. It does take a while to get used to the extended picture and fade off of the new HDTV sets, I had a 60 inch rear projection set that this set replaced.”

You can find Panasonic’s 52″ inch PT-52LCX65 for $1,560.00, if you shop online.

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useful resources

CNet reviews the Panasonic PT-52LCX65 – The prices of plasma TVs are falling so rapidly that the 50-inch models have moved into the realm of affordability–in other words, less then $3,000. That’s bad news for manufacturers who focus primarily on rear-projection HDTVs, since just about everyone will choose a slim plasma over a bulky RPTV parts. The only solution is to drop the price of those RPTVs even further, a phenomenon evinced by sets such as Panasonic’s PT-52LCX65, the entry-level model in the company’s line of projection HDTVs parts. more…

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