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Philips plasma tv parts sets – flat screen, wide screen to HDTV, they have it all, for your home theater system

If your ‘e looking for a Philips plasma tv parts system you should inform yourself about the high definition television parts before you make a purchase. First off you should be aware of the various sizes to choose from, such as 30, 32, 37, 42 and 50 inch Philips plasma televisions. You should also research features, so you can get a feel of what you might want in your HDTV system.

features to expect from Philips TVs

Plasma tvs parts from Philips come with a ton of features. Most of their flat screen Plasma televisions parts are HDTV ready meaning you just need to buy a high definition receiver to to receive the hd signal. Most models from Philips can broadcast in a number of resolutions such as, 720p (HDTV), 480p (EDTV) and 480i (SDTV). Another feature is the adjustable color temperature, this option enables you to adjust the color balance on your TV. So depending on the amount of light you have in your home you change it to make the colors more vivid or more washed out. Accessories include, remote control, 2 aa batteries, tabletop stand, power cord, as well as operating manual. Some Philips Plasma HDTV systems use Philips’ patented “Pixel Plus video processor”. This feature is designed to increase the number of lines and the number of pixels on the screen which results in crystal clear high definition video, with awesome details and vivid colors.

As mentioned before you can choose from a variety of sizes, but make sure you have the space to place your new HD system before you buy it. Although Philips is not as well known as Sony or Samsung they offer a great product worth reviewing.

Some of the wide screen Plasma TVs from Philips that you might want to review and compare include, 42PF9946, 50PF9956, 50FD9955, 42FD9954, 42PF9936, 42PF9976, 42PF9966, 42FD9932, 30PF9946, 50PF9966, 37FD9954, 32FD9954, 42FD9935/17, 42FD9935 and the 42FD9934.

A great place to begin you flat screen parts price comparisons is online. Web sites such as and offers all type of hdtv systems, from plasma, lcd,dlp, rear projection and much more. You can find new, used and refurbished television sets, as well as remote controls for your home theater system.

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