Sanyo HDTV parts

Sanyo HDTV parts – their features & other info

If you’re searching for a Sanyo HDTV parts, then you have a few choices, not as many as Sony or Samsung but if you’re stuck on a Sanyo then you can learn the features through this article. Sanyo high definition televisions have many of the same features as their counterparts

16:9 Aspect Ratio

This feature is the same wide screen aspect ratio as used in movie theaters. Not only can you watch features films, you can watch concerts, sports and much more all in high definition programming.


You can watch two separate programs at the same time with the touch of a button. The left picture will always be the Main Picture with audio, the right the sub picture without audio.

3D Y/C Digital Comb Filter

This features offers high definition resolution and picture sharpness

HDTV models from Sanyo include, HT30744, PDP-42H2W, HT32744, HT32744, HT28745, HT27745, DP23845, DP23625, CLT1554, CLT2054and the Sony P42545.

other features

  • closed caption if you like to turn your speakers off and just read what they are saying on TVparts
  • the velocity scan modulation feature from Sanyo parts gives the pictures crisper edges, that result in a sharper overall image
  • if you like watching your HDTV in the dark then you need an illuminated remote control
  • accessories include, AV (RCA) Cable, Component Cable and S-Video Cable

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