Sony 42 inch plasma tv parts FM-42V1 PlasmaPro parts

Sony 42 inch plasma tv parts FM-42V1 PlasmaPro parts

Sony Electronics has introduced a Sony 42-inch plasma tv parts (viewable area, measured diagonally) widescreen display featuring WVGA resolution and anti-reflective panel protection for high-contrast image display.

The new 42 inch PFM-42V1 PlasmaPro monitor, Sony’s latest flat-screen model, was designed to be a conduit for sales and marketing promotions for digital signage applications, including point-of-purchase and brand advertising, as well as information display in transportation hubs. It is perfect for setting the right mood in restaurants, casinos, clubs and lounges playing background video to entertain. The monitor’s rugged yet durable design also makes it ideal for rental and trade show applications.

WVGA Plasma Display Monitor

The Sony flat-panel display features a new plasma panel with WVGA (852×480) as the native resolution. The unit can display a wealth of video material originally recorded in standard-definition and can also handle high-definition formats, including 1080/60i, 720/60p, 1080/24Psf and 480/60p, as well as computer displays up to UXGA resolution.

“The Sony PFM-42V1 42 inch is part of a complete lineup of PlasmaPro monitors that will meet the needs of developers and integrators by providing superior performance and maximum flexibility to address any range of applications,” said Lana Gallucci, marketing manager for the PlasmaPro Series.

Alongside the other members of the PlasmaPro family, including the company’s high-end 42-inch PFM-42B2 model, the 32-inch PFM-32C1 and 50-inch PFM-50C1 (viewable areas, measured diagonally) units, the new PFM-42V1 model completes Sony’s comprehensive lineup.

Digital Processing Enhancements

Inside the PFM-42V1 display’s slim casing, the unit incorporates the same advanced innovations introduced with the flagship of the PlasmaPro line, the PFM-50C1 model. With Sony’s Real Digital System, all signals are both input and processed digitally to give highly accurate image reproduction.

Display Options and Flexible Integration

The new PFM-42V1 model supports SDTV and HDTV signals as well as DVI and RGB computer signals. Numerous input adaptors are available to provide interoperability with a wide range of program sources. Added flexibility comes from the format-free layout. The unit can be mounted horizontally, fixed on an optional stand or to a wall, or hung from the ceiling. The connector panel is located on the lower back of the display providing easy, inconspicuous hookup. When used with the new optional speaker system (model # SS-SP20B), the integrated digital amplifier delivers crisp audio reproduction. The unit’s attractive appearance is topped off with the choice of a black or silver colored bezel.

The unit includes a new optional component input board (model BKM-V11), which offers five BNC connectors for component input.

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