Sony Bravia KLV-S32A10 TV parts

Sony Bravia KLV-S32A10 TV parts review

If you are in search of an affordable 32-inch LCD TV, then you need to take a look at the Sony Bravia KLV-S32A10 parts. With a 170-degree viewing angle, the KLV-S32A10 is HDTV ready and offers a really good picture.

There are many features that are found on the Sony’s KLV-S32A10 TV, including: Built in NTSC Tuner, Receives HDTV/SDTV/EDTV Broadcast Formats, Virtual Surround Sound (makes it feel like you are in a movie theater), PIP (lets you watch 2 channels at once), V-Chip (allows parental control of the television), Sleep/Timer (lets the viewer set a specific time for the TV to automatically shut itself off), Energy Star Compliant (Standard set by the EPA..lets you know that it is energy efficient), Channel Labels (so you’ll always know what channel you are on), Closed Caption Option (when on mute), Headphone Jack (for the privacy), Remote Control (so you are in complete control) and Warranty.

As with any Sony style product, the KLV-S32A10 TV model is very durable and reliable. It offers advanced technology wrapped up in a neat little package! It may only be 32 inches in size, but it is packed with the same features that you can find in larger television sets!

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The new HP-R4252 Samsung Plasma TV parts uses advanced 12-bit color processing, yielding over 68 billion colors for a more lifelike picture than ever before. The 5th-Generation Samsung plasma panel features an amazing 10,000:1 contrast ratio and 1,300 cd/m2 brightness rating, and the latest Samsung image-enhancing technology. The television includes an integrated NTSC/ATSC tuner with CableCARD slot, HDMI digital input and 2 auto-sensing component video terminals, but you’ll see a sharp, focused image regardless of which source you choose. A 15-pin VGA input even allows you to use the Sony Bravia KLV-S32A10 plasma TV with your PC, and PIP functions are compatible with TV, DVD, and PC signals. Also includes stereo speakers and tabletop plasma TV stand.. more at PlasmaBuyingGuide

Cnet reviews the Sony Bravia KLV-S32A10 and writes – ” Compared to other flat TVs on the market, it is relatively expensive at around $4,765. In general, a liquid plasma display can output more realistic black-levels than an LCD display can.”

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