Sony flat panel tv parts lcd television technology parts

Sony flat panel tv parts lcd television technology parts

Enhancing one of the industry’s most comprehensive lines of Sony flat panel TV parts sets, Sony Electronics today introduced two new high-definition (HD) flat-panel LCD televisions. 6-inch QUALIA 005 HDTV and New 19- and 23-inch HD Ready Sets Broaden Sony’s Flat-Panel LCD TV Category From 19 to 46-inch Screen Sizes

The new KLV-S23A10 (23-inch) and KLV-S19A10 (19-inch) models signal the company’s growing emphasis on LCD-based flat panel TVs. They join a flat-panel lineup that also includes the recently announced, top of the line QUALIA 005 model.

The QUALIA 005 is a LCD flat panel television equipped with a TriluminosTM LED backlight system. To compliment this new panel technology, the QUALIA 005 features Sony’s exclusive WEGA Engine HD system which can project real texture and true high-resolution quality of a High Definition (HD) signal. Using Sony’s proprietary HD-to-HD conversion algorithm, it re-creates HDTV signals to the full HD (1920 x 1080) quality and widens the color gamut to maximize the advantage of TriluminosTM LED backlight system. Together with a 100W S-Master full digital audio amplifier, the QUALIA 005 offers an incredible video and audio experience.

With Sony’s two latest high-definition LCD model introductions on top of both the QUALIA and six Sony LCD models currently available, the company is “clearly demonstrating the rapidly increasing demand for flat-panel televisions in screen sizes that are both big and small,” said Greg Gudorf, vice president of TV marketing for Sony Electronics. “These new flat-panel models are just the start of a major LCD product expansion.”

Raising the Bar with Technology parts in 19-inch and 23-inch Models

The new KLV-S23A10 (23-inch) and KLV-S19A10 (19-inch) LCD televisions each feature a HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) connection, allowing the transfer of uncompressed digital signals to provide the best possible picture. These sets incorporate a high-performance, 1-chip video processor which integrates a 3D comb filter with a motion adaptive IP converter, improving picture contrast and detail while reducing video noise and image blur during fast action scenes.

Additional features included are the CineMotion® reverse 3:2 pulldown circuitry to provide a consistently smooth image and a Dynamic Picture™ Processor to deliver a crisp, realistic image.

To compliment the great picture performance, sound quality has also been improved. The new models feature a digital amplifier with an SRS® TruSurround® audio system. With just two speakers, the KLV-S23A10 and KLV-S19A10 displays provide an outstanding surround sound experience.

For added convenience, both new models provide access to Sony’s WEGA GATE on-screen guide. This on-screen operation guide provides a new level of usability. A push of a button enables you to perform a variety of tasks intuitively on a simple control panel. This easy to use on-screen guide provides direct access to favorite channels, external inputs and the TV menu.

With an emphasis on eye-catching design, the two new LCD models have a thin, sleek look with a tilt and swivel tabletop stand for flexible viewing angles. Both models feature six sets of A/V inputs (three composite and S-Video pairs, one component, one PC and one HDMI) so they can be hooked-up easily to a Sony DVD Dream® system, ES series audio/video components or any DVD player, with additional room for a Mini-DV camcorder, VCR and more.

The high-definition KLV-S23A10 and KLV-S19A10 flat panel LCD televisions will be available this spring for about $1,300 and $1,100, respectively. The QUALIA 005 digital cable ready HDTV set will also be available this spring for about $12,000.

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