Sony plasma display parts- PlasmaPro parts

Sony plasma display parts- PlasmaPro parts

Sony Electronics is expanding its PlasmaPro™ line-up with new Sony plasma display parts models that will increase network options for businesses to advance productivity and deliver high definition content.

“Our latest additions set the standard for design, image performance and functionality,” said Jim Neal, group general manager for Sony’s IT display products. “These new displays are perfect tools to advance the evolution of networked businesses.”

PlasmaPro Displays

Sony’s new PFM-42X1 plasma display features a 42-inch XGA 1024 x 768 progressive panel that includes speaker capabilities. It also offers advanced technology for enhanced image retention protection and a 60,000 hour panel life*.

The exceptional image performance includes an enhanced contrast ratio with the ability to easily connect with multiple input combinations and offers additional display control capabilities. The PFM-42X1 model also has new option boards, embracing component/RGB active loop-through and 5-BNC component input.

The new Sony FWD-50PX1 plasma display is a stylish 50-inch WXGA 1280 x 768 progressive panel that is ideal for PC and HD content. The display features enhanced image performance, with a significant increase compared with earlier models in both brightness (70 percent) and contrast (50 percent). The FWD-50PX1 has optional speakers and a built-in 7W + 7W digital amplifier. This plasma also features additional image retention protection, and optional component/RGB active loop-through, 5-BNC component input and network management card BKM-FW31 (see information below).

The PFM-42X1 plasam screen will be available in July and the FWD-50PX1 will be available in September and will be priced at about $5,900 and $8,500, respectively.

Networking Devices

New networking capabilities for Sony’s flat-panel displays were designed to allow businesses, big and small, to monitor, control and even send content to displays across a standard IP network.

The new EBS-N100 network box is designed to provide network status and control of Sony plasma monitors, including the PFM-42V1 and the new PFM-42X1 and FWD-50PX1 models.

Through this new solution, Sony plasmas and networked LCD projectors can be combined on a single networking platform using Sony’s PJNet!™ management software (sold separately). This allows users to monitor and troubleshoot multiple devices from a central location.
The new EBS-N200 network box provides the ability to stream MPEG video, access the web and present remote desktop applications across a standard IP network.

Applications for these two products include conference rooms, educational campuses for video distribution, and corporate signage with streaming video and web page access.

Additionally, Sony is launching a new internal networking card, the BKM-FW31, to provide an internal network solution for the new FWD-50PX1. The card provides network status and control functions, for use with Sony’s PJNet! software program that provides a centralized “command” center, which connects up to 255 networked devices including Sony’s plasma displays and LCD projectors.

TV Tuner

Sony also unveiled an external tuner that is a perfect component for adding television functionality to Sony’s PlasmaPro displays. The new EBS-SP10 tuner provides added options for businesses in need of quality integrated data, video and TV solutions like those found in a hotel. It is especially useful for the hospitality market with network capabilities that connect to video-on-demand systems.

The EBS-N100, EBS-N200, and EBS-SP10

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