Sony SDM-M61 lcd display parts

Sony SDM-M61 lcd display parts

Reinforcing its status as a leader in LCD technology, Sony Electronics today announced the addition of a 16-inch Multiscan Sony LCD display parts, with ultra-high resolution clarity and space-saving design to its current LCD display line-up.

The new Sony SDM-M61 display parts model offers the same complete feature set of Sony’s 18-inch LCD product in the M series. “The M61 will offer customers an affordable high-resolution option beyond a 15-inch without the cost of the larger panel,” said Stan Glasgow, Sony Electronics’ vice president of display marketing.

Arm- or Wall-Mountable

To help executives and work-at-home professionals manage the desktop that is often cluttered with hardware, peripherals, paperwork and personal items, Sony’s LCD Zero Footprint Design™ display is arm- or wall-mountable, according to the standards set by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA®).

Flexibility and Versatility

Providing flexibility and support for both Mac® and PC users, the new M61 model offers digital and analog inputs, hassle-free set up, and a viewable image size comparable to a 17-inch CRT.

The M61 LCD display incorporates advanced Digital FlexRes™ technology to support a maximum resolution of 1280 x 1024 for crisp images, built-in stereo speakers for full multimedia performance, and advanced Auto ImageSet™ technology to set image phase, pitch, and screen position for the best possible picture quality. It is also equipped with precision color controls (including adjustable Gamma correction), a 70-degree tilt capability, a 160-degree horizontal viewing angle, and is Kensington lock-compatible.

Sony’s new display is designed to be compatible with Windows® XP, Windows® 95, Windows® 98, Windows® 2000 and Macintosh® operating systems, and meets or exceeds industry safety standards. It will be available in July for about $850.

Key Performance Features

  • 16-inch Active Matrix TFT LCD Panel — This 16-inch panel, with a viewable image size comparable to a 17-inch CRT monitor, provides outstanding brightness and contrast for sharp and detailed images. Its excellent viewing angles and anti-glare coating allow for comfortable and ergonomic viewing.
  • Zero Footprint Design™ display — The thin, lightweight design takes up little desktop space, yet provides extraordinary flexibility. The versatile tilt base, with a 70-degree tilt capability, can be adjusted for almost any application, or removed to provide VESA-compatible arm or wall mounting.
  • Dual Video Inputs — The analog input (HD-15) and the combination analog/digital input (DVI-I) offer flexibility for multiple PC or Macintosh use. The DVI-I provides for a digital-to-digital signal connection improving image clarity, detail and contrast.
  • Energy Efficient — The model consumes a maximum 35 watts, saving considerable energy compared to the 120 watts consumed by a typical 17-inch CRT display.
  • Advanced Digital FlexRes™ Technology — Delivers crisp, clear, full-screen images up to 1280 x 1024.

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