Toshiba HDTV parts

Toshiba HDTV parts – their features & other info

When it comes to HDTV’s, there is no comparison to the Toshiba HDTV! There are many models, each with great user-friendly features. Toshiba high definition televisions offer consumers innovative technology that is wrapped up into a sleek, flat screen design.

Toshiba has been a very popular brand of television sets for some time, now, and one look at them will show you why. The impressive technology that Toshiba instill into their other electronic devices is very apparent in the Toshiba’s HDTV.

Toshiba has gone through great lengths to offer the public many choices when it comes to the HDTV. There are many models, including: ,

Some of the most popular models from Toshiba that you might want to check out include, 72MX195, 62MX195, 56MX195, 57HX94, 32AFX54, 27AFX54, 30HF85, 38HF84, 26HF85, 44NHM84 and the 34HF84.

There are many features that can be found on these high definition TVs including:

  • interactive program guide
  • you can watch HDTV, EDTV, and SDTV formats
  • Digital Comb Filter (separates the signal to reproduce one that is crystal clear)
  • Invar Shadow Mask (does away with shadows cast upon images)
  • Adjustable Color Temperature
  • Velocity Scan Modulation (makes the edges around images more refined)
  • V-Chip
  • PIP
  • Virtual Surround Sound
  • Sleep/Timer
  • Channel Labels

Toshiba high definition televisions are Energy Star Compliant, which means that they meet the standards of energy efficiency set by the EPA. They offer an incredible picture and are very reliable. Toshiba style HDTV’s are considered to be a little on the heavy side, but with the amount of features it posses, it makes sense. Available in a variety of sizes, including 30″, 32″, 46″, 51″, 57″, 65″, the price you can expect to pay will vary.

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