Toshiba SED TV parts technology

Toshiba working on SED TV parts technology

If you’re confused about choosing an LCD, Plasma or rear projection TV parts , you choice got a little harder with the introduction of the SED TV (surface-conduction electron-emitter display). Toshiba and Canon are launching the SED television technology next year.

Apparently SED is clearer and crisper than all other forms of flat screen technology. The system is similar to CRT however instead of only using 3 electron guns, SED technology uses thousands of tiny electron emitters, one for every single pixel on the flat screen display.

Canon is behind SED which they began experimenting with over 20 years ago. In 2004 they partnered with Toshiba to focus more effort on this project and are investing $2 billion to develop and manufacture the flat screen panels in Asia.

Canon’s goal is to have a consumer ready TV

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