Viewsonic n2000 LCD flat panel TV Parts

Viewsonic n2000 LCD flat panel TV parts review- learn about the features and what consumers say

Sometimes bigger isn’t always better, if you have a smaller space then you need a small TV, Once small flat screen television parts is the Viewsonic n2000. This is a 20″ inch LCD flat panel TV parts that can be used as part of your HDTV system, or you can use it as a monitor for your PC. Since it is a small LCD TV, you can use it al types of spaces, from your kitchen countertop home office, bedroom and even in the bathroom! Actually if you wanted to you could hang this TV on your wall with the help of a wall mounted TV stand.

The LCD picture boasts 16.7 million colors, giving you vivid colors for anything you want to watch, football games, concerts, cartoons and of course blockbuster movies.The resolution on this flat panel television is 640 x 480 pixels, with an aspect ratio of the standard 4:3. The n2000 from Viewsonic offers a contrast ratio of 500:1, which means it offers a great contrast between black and white.

other features

  • The n2000 works many types of signal such as 480i, 480p, 720p and 1080i HDTV signals
  • accessories include, TV, stand, a remote control, remote batteries, owners manual, and warranty information
  • pip feature – watch 2 programs at once with the picture in picture feature
  • sleep timer – program the n2000 to shutoff after a certain period of time, never wake up to a blaring television again!
  • UltraBrite technology – this technology enhances the picture making it vivid and sharp

what do online reviews say?

  • “We bought this to update the aging set in the bedroom. The picture is very nice, but the audio is so-so. I bought an inexpensive three piece set of computer speakers and set the satellites behind the set and the sub-woofer on a lower shelf in the entertainment center. This really improved the audio. The remote is larger than most, but it is easy to read and is laid out nicely. Setup was typical of any new TV (channel scan, etc.) and was fairly easy. It has a nice heavy base to prevent tipping, and is a fairly attractive unit.”
  • This is NOT a monitor. Your resolution at best will be 800×600, or more likely 640×480 will be as good as it gets. However, this is an excellent TV. Good colors, good refresh rate, and I have experienced no delay in changing channels as the other reviewer. You have a wide variety of inputs available, including RCA, component, VGA, S-Video and Coax. PIP and POP modes are both available. The only problems I am aware of at this point are that I cannot view the Coax and S-video inputs via PIP at once. Viewsonic has not helped in this regard. I am still waiting for their input. Also, there are six buttons on the bottom of the remote that I cannot find a function for. Additionally, these buttons are pictured in the manual but not explained. For the price, though, this is an excellent TV.

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