Zenith Plasma TV parts

Zenith Plasma TV parts: The brightest star in the plasma sky!

The Zenith plasma tv parts perfect for anyone and everyone! They offer consumers an incredible picture quality that is absolutely unmatched! If you are looking for a plasma tv that provides rich picture quality in a large format television, then Zenith plasma televisions should really peak your curiosity!

Unless you have been living under a rock or in a cave, then you should be well aware how popular widescreen plasma TVs have become over the last few years. The technology is evolving at a rapid pace and at the head of the class, you’ll find none other than Zenith!

Zenith high definition plasma televisions are made in a few different models, including: P60W 38/38H, P42W46 X/H, Z42PX 2D/H, P60W38, P60W26, P50W26, P42W34P, P42W22B/H, P42W24B, P42W46X, P50W38H, P50W28B, P40V22, Z42PX2D, P50W38P, P50W28A and the Z50PX 2D. There are also a few great sizes that Zenith makes in the plasma line, including the 42 inch, 50 inch and the 60 inch.

There are a lot of really great user friendly features associated with the Zenith line of plasma Tvs, including: high resolution format, HDTV plasma display technology, high brightness, HDMI with HDCP, whitewash function, aspect ratio correction, intelligent image scaling and DVI with HDCP ( digital visual interface/high bandwidth digital contrast protection).  You can also get a universal remote to make your experience even more enjoyable! The Zenith style plasma Tvs can be mounted on a table stand or on the wall and can also have an accessory speaker.

some of the features in detail

  • picture in picture (PIP) feature – this feature gives you the flexibility to watch more than one channel at the same time. One channel will appear in a small square while the other program will appear in the back drop on the entire screen.
  • 160 degree viewing angle – you can watch the HDTV screen 160 degrees on either side of the flat screen viewing area
  • you can view the following formats and resolutions on your Zenith television 720p (HDTV) • 480p (EDTV) • 480i (SDTV)
  • don’t worry about washed out color because these plasma Tvs use 16.77 million colors to give you bright vivid colors

When you decide that you can’t live another day without a flat screen plasma television from Zenith, then check out the selection at the official Zenith website, zenith.com. If you need to repair your TV then you can contact the company

what consumer reviews says

  • The P60W38 is a big screen plasma television parts, moving away from the smaller 42″ that you commonly see. Even with the 60″ screen size, it still retains a fairly decent price. I’ve seen the prices of competitors. Marantz’s 60″ plasmas are around $20,000 while NEC and LG might cost a few thousand dollars … read the full review on the Zenith P60W38 at epinions

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